January 2022

Are You An Over Thinker?


Guilty, as charged! Well, sometimes, at least.
And of course, over thinking can lead to procrastination and avoidance, particularly if it is something that I don't really want to do 🤔😂

Let's face it, there is a lot to think about at the moment. So much so that it can be very easy to spend more time thinking than actually 'doing'.
There is absolutely a time required for thinking for everyone. But you need to ensure it doesn't go into overdrive and take you down the road of 'what if's'.
We are all facing the unknown and things are changing rapidly. Some of this is out of, and some is within, our control. By putting your energy into the things you can control you will help to look after your own health and sanity.
Things I know I can control......

I have a basic daily plan. It isn't super detailed but it does include some form of movement/exercise and relaxation for my own health, some work and some general stuff. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I have a list of 5 things to do for work and up to 5 other. Work wise, the first two are 'must do', the second two are 'would be good to do' and the last one could be either. The 'other' 5 can include things like research e.g. for a new broadband supplier, a holiday, arrange to meet up with a friend etc.

In the morning I always have a 30 minute slot which I call my 'commute'. The exact time this takes place can vary depending on when I go to the gym or have clients booked in. I allow 30 mins every day to 'get to work'. As I don't have far to go I use my 'commute' to do a spot of housekeeping. This may involve cleaning, tidying, washing etc. Not being a fan of housework, my 'commute' has been the perfect way to deal with the necessary tasks in much smaller chunks of time. 

Another 30 minute slot during the day is to check for new emails, filter out the junk and deal with anything that has come in. That could involve a quick response or, something I need to put a little more thought into and need to set a little more time aside.

At the end of the day I make sure there is some downtime. That means the computer, mobile phone and Wifi are all turned off. Yes, we do actually turn our Wifi off at night. I know one person who has never turned their mobile phone off since they bought it a couple of years ago. When asked why, they said it was in case someone needed to get hold of them at night. Personally, if someone needs to get hold of me that urgently at night, I suspect there will be a knock on the door. I do appreciate that some situations may mean it is be necessary to be contactable at all times (more so in the current Covid situation). However, it is important that you should aim to have some technology free time.

No day is ever the same, but by having my basic daily plan it gives me the degree of routine I need to be able to plan other tasks throughout the day and week. If I have time set aside for a task then I don't need to think about it until then and it helps me reduce my overthinking

Put another way, if I have a plan it reduces the likelihood of me procrastinating due to overthinking!
How do you avoid overthinking?