Health Goals & How I can Help


Such a BIG topic for such a small space!

We all have our own thoughts and ideas of what we would like to achieve healthwise, just as we all have our individual  situation and health history. Consequently, there is no 'one size fits all' solution to achieving personal health benefits.

Search the internet and you will find mountains of information about what you should/shouldn't do to achieve this or that. It can be overwhelming trying to filter out the good from the bad and the ugly, and even having done that, where do you start and with what? Agghh!!

You are probably wondering how I can help you? After all, I am not a medical practitioner. What I am, is someone with training, qualifications and experience in the Fitness and Massage industries, with a significant amount of personal experience in the 'curveball of life', having been diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic at the ripe old age of 50.

Here's how I 'caught the curveball'....

My surprise birthday 'gift' lead to a huge amount of reading and research in order to manage my health as positively as possible, with lots of learning and many changes along the way. One of my biggest learning curves was to actually pay attention when my body tells me something, and though I don't always understand what it is saying, I turn detective to try and figure it out. You can liken it to learning a brand new language. You first need to learn to be able to understand and speak the basic vocabulary.  You then have to apply structure to progress to fluency in both speech and understanding. Throw in different dialects (individual health, history and lifestyle) and it becomes quite a challenge! That's where I come in.


How I  can help

Whatever your health goals, my aim is to try and take away some of the information overwhelm and help you take small steps along your health journey. Useful information, ideas, suggestions and recommendations will be made available via email and the PoSitive Body Health Facebook Group. 


For more detailed and personalised support there is PSBHealth Support Group. You may recall a few months ago I announced the launch of the inaugural PSBHealth Support Group and the opportunity for those who signed up to help shape it's development. Phase II of this Support Group is now underway. Further details of the Group and what is available to members will be announced next month, along with the opportunity for you to join us. Keep an eye on your email and the Facebook Group.

In the meantime, stay well and be PoSitive

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