Outboxing - The Future?


I have been outboxing for some time though on an intermittent basis.

I don't really know why I don't do it regularly, because I KNOW I will feel

refreshed, almost 'cleansed' afterwards. I find it quite therapeutic.

So why do I only do it on an intermittent basis? Good question.

As with many things, lack of time can be an easy excuse, but you should

find time to outbox.
So what exactly is outboxing?
Quite simply, clearing out 'stuff' from my email inbox and sent box. Should be fairly straightforward. Yep, it should be but it is definitely something I haven't got under as much control as I would like.
That's partly because of the number of email addresses I seem to have acquired over the years (both personal and business).
I know I need to downsize and close down some of the email addresses. But before I do, I need to check that there isn't anything still in there that I need to/want to keep.
I'm not brave enough to just close the email down without checking first. As a result I have created additional work that will eat into my time. Time I could use doing something else. So I need to outbox more efficiently and make it a habit.
A classic example is when you have an email conversation with someone that goes back and forth a number of times and you end up with about a dozen emails (received and sent), the last one of which contains the full conversation. I don't need the previous ones. I need to get into the habit of deleting as I go. Otherwise when I finally get round to outboxing, I find myself checking back over the same conversation emails to make sure I don't delete the most important one. What a waste of my own time. And I can't blame anyone else.
So, my autumn resolution is to 'outbox as I go'.
Anyone with me?
Pauline 'outboxing' Baxter