Top Tips - October 2021

Blimey, you could be mistaken for thinking it is spring, what with me clearing out emails and foodie cupboards. As I seem to be on a roll then I think the next step is the garden. A spot of autumn tidying is required and as the weather looks as though it is going to be nice over the next few days, this is the perfect opportunity. 

How to stay sane in a crazy world.

Let's face it, we have had some testing times over the last 18 months and it looks like we are due some more, slightly different ones, as a result. 

We all have to adapt and continue to do so. It can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. With so much going on, how can we stay positive and sane?

My main tip is to avoid sitting watching/listening to and reading, the news. It can be confusing, negative, worrying and soul destroying. Don't get me wrong, you cannot and should not, bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine. However, it can be difficult to identify what news is real and what isn't.

Rather than focus on things over which you have no influence or control, focus on the things you CAN influence. Looking after your own health and helping those around you to do the same can go a long way to maintaining sanity. Small steps and support are essential.

We have learned a lot about the priorities of life. Don't lose that, build on it 😊