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As we continue through Lockdown #3 everyone is feeling fatigued, both physically and mentally. This is especially so for those in the NHS who are inundated with new cases of Covid-19.  Everyone is playing their part and though tough times are still ahead we have to remain supportive, follow guidelines and remain strong. Keep safe and well.

The pressures of modern lifestyle mean we leave little time to look after ourselves. Aches and pains are often ignored in the hope they will go away on their own. Occasionally this seems to work ...but this could simply be storing problems for the future.


You have one body, why not look after it?


Massage can be a great way of relaxing both body and mind.

It can also help reduce the likelihood of developing problems as a result of overuse or inactivity. Think how many hours are spent in front of the computer, in the car etc. In the current environment you may find yourself working from home more and may not yet have the correct set up for your laptop. Consequently, your back, neck and shoulders are 'protesting'!


I can help. Simply select the therapy and appointment length then email or call to make a booking. 


Don't worry if you are unsure which therapy is right for you. You can either email or call to chat about what you are looking to achieve from the appointment. and I can guide you.


Hope to see you soon :-)




Pauline Baxter

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